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Winter can be a very scenic time in the country, especially when snow covers rolling hills and lies on bushes and trees.

These are often the scenes depicted on holiday cards.

When there is no snow, the view can be stark and somewhat bleak, especially on the many gray days. Even this may have some beauty of its own to those who can see it.

One of the most stunning sights is following an ice storm with the sun glinting off encased trees and wires. This, however, can be a very destructive time for plants and utilities. The winter is a time for the fields to rest. Livestock, however, will take extra attention as their natural food sources are probably not available. Though the scenery may be lovely, winter driving takes extra care in country where roads are sometimes not cleared quickly

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Winter scenery is very important to country living. Beautiful scenery is a key element of country living.

Many people have have a dream of being able to look out of their windowns on a snowy cold winter day and watch the snow flakes coming down with a forest back drop. Most country folks like to take advantage of a beautigul snow fall by hooking up a horse and cart tor ide through the countryside.

Another positive feature of a winter landscape in the country is to have a frozen pond where the country folks can take their children ice skating during a mild winter day.

Christmas is a very special time in the country where their is white blanket of snow to add to the winter scenery in order to it give it that special charm for the children and the adults....

Winter picture : sun through the trees

Sometimes the sun could be very bright in winter, reflecting in the snow, even managing to go though the trees in this winter scenery photo.


Winter picture : forest under the snow

This winter photo portrays a very quiet scene in the snowy forest, not much going on out there, just silence and the noise of the wind...


Winter photo : looking up

Even in winter, you can see the blue sky through the trees in this very original winter picture...


Winter photo : poetic road

Could you imagine walking or driving on this very romantic country road ? Must be great and slippery though...


Winter photo : barbwire under the sunrise

Even barbwire and snow could look great on this beautiful winter picture !


Lonely tree winter picture

Ok this lonely winter tree picture looks a little bit sad, but it's incredibly beautiful and romantic though !


Winter Picture farm house and trees

This winter photo portrays a very quiet house on a hill with trees, looks like a great place to stay and a good day to go on a hike or to ski...


Winter Picture : white trees

Looks like Jeremiah Johnson or Santa Claus are not far away...


Winter Picture : elegant pinetrees

A beautiful picture portraying an elegant pinetree under the sun.



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