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Country spring pictures are full of new life, lovely fragrances, and beautiful scenery. Springtime is a season long anticipated and a special time of the year.

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country spring photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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The Season of Spring

Spring is a time of renewal, of life, and of fresh new beginnings.  Spring pictures bring it all to you: the spring flowers, fragrant blossoms, the crocus and daffodil in full bloom, a garden alive with color and greenery and the delicate scents of spring. 

Beautiful Spring Flowers
The bliss of the countryside is a meadow of fragrant flowers. It's an idyllic paradise that is only the gift of nature. Spring flower pictures
capture it all.

Springtime Flowers

When the dreary days of winter set in and you haven’t seen the sun for days, delightful pics of lush spring scenes can chase the winter blues away. You can get lost in photos of spring. You can almost hear the snow melting! 

Spring pictures come alive with pretty scenic country settings.  Don't forget to share your pictures with us here!

Winter Turns to Spring
A sparrow rests on a branches of an acacia in early spring.

Bird in Spring
©Maslov Dmitry/Shutterstock

Country Scenery in Springtime

Choose a picture of a grand oak tree with leaves of a lush green or a delightful early spring picture of red breasted robins frolicking in the new green grass and colorful flowers.  You almost feel like you are there, like you are in the midst of springtime in the country.  You sure can’t get that with the city life!

Spring Pleasure
Bare feet on fresh green grass..

Feet Outdoors

Spring is also a time for one of the most beautiful, colorful holidays of the year.  Lovely, fun Easter pictures are sure to bring a smile to your face. 

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Spring Chicken
A fluffy yellow chick poses in a flowery green field in springtime.

Baby Chicken
©David Dohnal/Shutterstock

Maybe a furry bunny rabbit or a fluffy yellow chick, along with all the other baby farm animals will be the subjects of your spring pics.  Baby calves frolic in green fields, and foals play near their mothers in the pasture.

Flowery Spring Photo
Bright yellow daffodils announce the arrival of the spring season.

Yellow Daffodils
©Arvind Balaraman/Shutterstock

Photos of spring can make a cloudy day look sunny and a dreary, rainy day look bright and colorful while you are taken to the country life, a simpler time, a time of hope.


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Dandelion Time
A little girl amuses herself with childlike happiness by picking a bright bouquet of yellow dandelions in a grassy field.

Child Picking Flowers
©Vyacheslav Osokin/Shutterstock

Spring Photo Uses

Use your spring images as the desktop on your computer.  That way, every time you turn on you computer you can enjoy the cacophony of color that adorns the scenery of spring in the country. 

Spring Green
The brilliant green leaves of nature mark the coming of fresh spring foliage.

Green Foliage
©Péter Gudella/Shutterstock

Print and frame a colorful nature scene, an outdoor shot of a tractor planting on the farm when the plowed earth is fresh and rich, ripe to receive the seeds that hold the promise of hope and a fresh new start. 

Garden Soil
Spring is the time to plant and children love to help with the planting, but mostly just getting dirty.

Planting the Garden
©Graeme Black/Shutterstock

Spring Brightens Any Day

Spring pictures can lift your mood and brighten your day.  They often have a touch of nostalgia and can take you back to your childhood.  You can revisit your time as a child spending time with grandma at her country home. 

Flowers of Spring
A woman cares for a pot of lovely geranium flowers in her garden.

Woman and Flowers
©Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

Gaze at the images and you can almost hear the birds singing and dropping plump, wriggly earthworms in the gaping mouths of tiny baby birds, tucked away in their nests.  Even spring showers are a refreshing, welcome friend, washing away the last vestiges of the long winter months.  You can hear the rain patter on the roof and splash on the window pane.

Earthworm Party
These earthworms are happy it's springtime as they move their way through the fresh earth.

Earthworms in Soil
©Viorika Prikhodko/Shutterstock

When colorful tulips dot the landscapes and the happy signs of spring are everywhere, dust off your camera and capture the images, turning them into country scenery that you can keep to brighten your day or share the spring pictures to brighten someone else’s. 

Lots of Pink Tulips
Beautiful tulip bouquets are a floral favorite in Springtime.

Spring Tulips
©Anette Linnea Rasmussen/Shutterstock

Photos of spring are can be used to grace greeting cards, to create postcards, to hang on your wall or put on your computer.  There are so many different things that you can do with your lovely spring pictures.  All you have to do is use your imagination and bring your spring photographs to life.

Monarch Butterfly on ConeFlowers
In this spring picture, a butterfly lights on a pretty flower for a
dainty dinner.

Flower and Butterfly
©Jill Lang/Shutterstock


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