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Red barn pictures portray the splendor of the icon symbol of traditional farm life. Think of a farm and in your mind a picture will pop up of Old MacDonald with his farm animals in a big red barn.

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country barn photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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The Red Tradition

So, why were barns painted red? There are many theories, but the likely reasons are these:

  1. Red is a traditional barn color. Basically, European farmers used linseed oil to preserve the wood on their barns, which produced a dark red color.
  2. Red paint contained ferrous oxide, which helped preserve the wood from decay.
  3. Red paint was just cheaper to buy.
  4. Red was just fashionable in farming communities. And it gave a nice contrast to the traditional white farmhouse.

Take a drive through rural America, and red barns are a common sight. All across the nation, barns have an important function on the farm. The barn is the place where farm animals were kept warm and safe; a dry place for crops to be stored for those long winter months.

A barn is a symbol of happy childhood memories for many people. Playing in the hayloft, milking the cows, the joy of growing up on the farm remains bright through the years. Pictures of red barns bring back so many fond recollections. 

Old Red Barn
The brilliant blue sky offsets the crimson paint on the weathered boards of an aging barn.

Rural Barn
©Michelle Milano/Shutterstock

Farm Reflections
A rural lake-side barn casts its reflection onto the rippling water.

Lakeside Barn
©Steven Pease/Shutterstock

Sunflower Farm
This old-fashioned barn in Michigan is surrounded by a field of beautiful golden sunflowers.

Barn surrounded by Sunflowers
©Lori Sparkia/Shutterstock

Winter Farmyard
 It's an icy January day on this Canadian farm. The cozy red barns are blanketed with white snow, and fir trees stand in the background.

Barn in Winter

Inviting Barn
The door on this barn stands mysteriously open at sunset here on the farm.

 Red Barn Door
©David Malament/Shutterstock

Prospering Farm
Red barns and tall silos are the very picture of agriculture.

Barns and Silos
©Michelle Milano/Shutterstock

Rustic Barn
An aged barn on a Colorado ranch looks weathered and worn.

Old Barn
©Carly Rose Hennigan/Shutterstock

Rural Barns
A picture of red farm buildings against brown, parched hills in Morgan Hill, California. Farm cows and horses graze in a field of dry grass.

California Farm
©Harris Shiffman/Shutterstock

Winter Barn Scene
This barn is located in Jackson, Wyoming. A creek runs through this beautiful wintry farm landscape.

Colorado Barn in Winter
©Ronnie Howard/Shutterstock

Rural Homestead
A red barn on a farm in the Colorado farm country.

Red Barn
©Craig Mills/Shutterstock

Scenic Barnyard
This red barn is located near Long's Peak in Longmont, Colorado, USA. A beautiful nature landscape.

Scenic Barn
©Robert Kelsey/Shutterstock

A red barn and silo located in Washington.

Red Barn and Silo
©Kenn Stilger/Shutterstock

October Barnyard
A picturesque scene of an old North Carolina Barn in Autumn.  Colorful leaves match the bright red of the farm building.

Barn in Autumn
©Mary Terriberry/Shutterstock

Old Fashioned Barn
This old red barn, wagon, and windmill still depict the yesteryear of busy farm life.

Old Barn
©Cynthia Kidwell/Shutterstock

Rural Barns
The bright red barn brings life to the farm scene.

Country Farm
©Robert Kyllo/Shutterstock

Canadian Countryside
A colorful country landscape with yellow fields and a big red barn in rural Ontario, Canada.

Canadian Barn
©Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

Winter Americana
A red country barn on a cold, but beautiful winter day.

Snowy Barn
©Diane Garcia/Shutterstock



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