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As you know, piglets are baby pigs. Female pigs give birth to many young piglets at a time : 11 on average !

In a farm setting, this means that they will all grow up together in a specified pen and will probably depend on their mother for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, if there isn't an adequate amount of food for the full grown parent pigs, they will sometimes eat their young.

Piglet suckle from the mother sow. Farm children learn how to be responsible by helping to take care of the piglets. Piglets make noises like oink oink! they will follow the farm children around the farm. They are usually pink with slightly curly tails. Sometimes they get out of the pen and have to be rounded up again. Most of the time baby piglets make a farm a happier place, they bring the family on the farm joy as they run through the farmyard. The farm children have to keep themselves from becoming attached to the piglets as they are sent to the butcher to be sold.

Hi! My name is Sébastien. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic piglet photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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Despite the fact that adult pigs can be intimidating and not overly lovable, baby piglets are among a farm's cutest creatures, and for those who live on farms, are often treated like pets.

They are very smart, probably smarter than dogs (actually they have been found to be more trainable than dogs or cats !), but since they are destined to eventually become bacon and pork chops, it's probably best not to get too attached to them.

Despite the reputation of pigs, they are a naturally clean animal, although they love to roll in the mud, and a piglet can be easily trained to follow you around, and is as easily housetrained as a puppy. Sometimes farm children keep one as a pet : unfortunately, the baby pigs will eventually grow older !

Piglet close up picture : so cute !

This little piglet seems very interested by the camera an very nosy !


Piglet picture : 3 baby pigs in the pen

These piglet picture portrays 3 brothers looking sleepy


Piglet picture : cute baby pigs

This piglet photo represents very young -and cute- piglets


Piglet photo : hungry baby pigs ?

I don't know what is going on this piglet picture : they look pretty animated : my guess, they are hungry !


Piglet suckle picture : back to business !

Piglets suckling their mother : they are very focused !


Piglet suckle picture : close up

A close up picture of this hungry baby pig : a little pig suckles little at a time but very often, every two or three hours.


Piglet suckling picture

Ok this piglet picture does not look that great, it is interesting however : did you know that a sow has 12 to 14 teats ?


Pig family picture

After the meal, it's time for a family walk in order to breathe and to digest !


Furry piglet picture

This one looks a little older with a nice white fur




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