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As so many barns age and crumble into oblivion, fantastic old barn pictures capture these relics of the past for us to remember...

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country barn photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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Barns of Bygone Days

A barn has a special place in a farm setting. It speaks of simple farm life in days gone by. The old barn is a historical symbol of the rural American landscape.

There are many types of barns. When we think of a barn we usually think of the traditional red square-shaped barn, but barns can be round or multi-sided (octagonal/polygonal). They can also be painted a variety of colors such as: red, white, green, black, or not painted at all. Usually barns are built of wood, but some old barns are actually constructed of stone or brick.

Driving down a country road, as you pass a barn, you pause to nostalgically wonder about its past. What stories could it tell of what has happened under its own roof?

So many historical barns are disappearing from the American landscape. Fire, collapse, and bulldozers claim thousands of old barns every year. Some are being preserved, but the expense of restoring an old barn is tremendous. Pictures help us remember these buildings as they once were.

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Rustic Barnyard
This country scene in western Colorado pictures an aging barn and rail fence, with lovely mountain peaks in the background.

Colorado Barnyard

©Greg Randles/Shutterstock

Old Wooden Barn
Here's a lonely looking abandoned barn located in Montana. It's now just a home for barn owls, bats, and other wild creatures.

Barn in Montana
©Tom C Amon/Shutterstock

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Country Fall Scene
This old barn picture is the perfect depiction of autumn scenery in the country. A field of dry corn stalks, a rustic barn, a blue sky, and hills of colorful trees make this farm a lovely place.

Autumn Barn
©Cindy Haggerty/Shutterstock

Abandoned Barn
This weathered Idaho barn sits alone in a spring field, as the mist
clears after a rain storm.

Barn in Idaho
©J. Cameron Gull/Shutterstock

Rural Countryside
The early morning sunshine chases away the fog revealing an
old barn and grove of tree beside a quiet pond.

Barn in the Morning Mist
©Bronwyn Photo/Shutterstock

Timeworn Barn
This old barn picture taken at the foot of the Teton Mountain Range
in Wyoming, shows a dilapidated barn that is falling into ruin. In
a few more years, it will only be ruble, lost to memory; a bygone
piece of western America.

Barn in Wyoming
©Mike Norton/Shutterstock


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Barn and Corral
Below the Montana mountains, on a rolling prairie rests an
old ranch barn and corral.

Montana Ranch
©Alan Scheer/Shutterstock

Rural Americana
An old wooden barn symbolizes agriculture of the past.

American Barn
©Patty Godsalve/Shutterstock


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