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Country life is all about horses, don't you think? Horse pictures and photos really bring out the horse lover inside of all of us. Draft horses, Quarter horses, mustangs... They are all beautiful creatures, bringing us closer to nature. Horses make country life worth living...

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!  

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Horses in the Country, At Work or Play

Beautiful, spirited horses are the essence of living in the country for many people. Owning a horse in the country is something nearly every kid, or kid at heart wants. Although we can't all have a horse of our own, we can still enjoy breathtaking pictures of horses.

What could be cuter than a baby horse? Young animals are loved universally, and baby horses are certainly no exception.

Keep reading to experience this photo gallery with a variety of beautiful and amazing horses. And don't forget to share your pictures with us here!

Galloping Free
A gorgeous chestnut horse enjoying a green country pasture.

A gorgeous chestnut horse enjoying a green country pasture.
©Justyna Furmanczyk/Shutterstock

Good Morning to You
A friendly farm horse peering over a fence.

A friendly farm horse peering over a fence.
©Matthew Dixon/Shutterstock


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A magnificent white Andalusian Stallion rearing against the blue sky.

A magnificent white Andalusian Stallion rearing against the blue sky.
©Baldur Tryggvason/Shutterstock

Morning Roundup
Ranch wranglers at work, roping and riding at dawn.

Ranch wranglers at work, roping and riding at dawn.

Here's something amazing to think about: In the past, farmers and ranchers depended on their horses for their livelihood. Today tractors and farm equipment have taken over much of their work.

Now these horses are used primarily for pleasure. Happily, there is still a need for the beautiful and dependable Quarter horse in western ranch life.

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Misty Morning Sunrise
The silhouette of an elegant Arabian horse welcoming a new morning through the mist of a dreamy country pasture. A perfect pose, captured at just the right moment. The mood of this picture inspires peace
and energy.

The silhouette of an elegant Arabian horse.
©Cathleen Clapper/Shutterstock


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Fantastic Country Horses from our Readers

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The Stance! 
Horses are amazing!! This picture was taken of horse that looked like it had a little attitude. However, this horse love attention and enjoys eating apples …

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This is Karisma Anne. My 11 yr. old Morgan Arabian. She gets very impatient when just standing still and has this habit of picking up her front feet …

Arabian Horse 
This photo of my aging Arabian horse “Vanna” was taken this spring; she was enjoying the new sprouts of fresh green vegetation. Our 200 acre farm is in …

Horse picture the stance Not rated yet
Horses are amazing creatures! This horse is one of my parent's neighbor's(they have 4 total). He/she looks like they have attitude. However, he/she loves …

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Fantastic Free Horse Photos

Looking for free pictures of horses for personal or commercial use? The above stock images are copyrighted and you'll need to purchase a royalty-free license at Istockphoto or Shutterstock if you want to use them.

However, here are some great pictures from Flickr that are available for use under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Use them for your projects, screensavers, or desktop wallpaper as long as you give credit to the photographer.

Best on Flickr:

some horses in the field!
Flickr/Aunt Owwee

Friendly Horse

Two horses before the storm at Frying Pan Park in Fairfax, Virginia

Three Horses A1 Savannahs Farm, Oklahoma

At a horse riding farm in Calhoun County, South Carolina

a sleigh ride in the woods on New Years Eve at the Black Horse Farms

Horse at Lower Vicarwood Farm, Derbyshire

riders on Morro Strand State Beach
Flickr/Michael "Mike" L. Baird

One Big Horse

Winter at Black Horse Farms

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