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Few things in life are as rewarding as gardening. Fantastic country garden pictures keep that charm alive year round, through bright summer sunshine and cold winter snow...

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country! 

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Country Gardens, Nature's Gift

Country gardens are all about fresh air, sunlight, and the fragrant smell of  soil in your hands. A country gardener delights in the the perfume of the blossoming flower garden that surrounds a country home, and gathering the harvest from from the vegetable garden is something to look forward to as your plants mature.

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The attraction between children and gardening comes naturally. When they watch their own seeds and plants grow, kids learn about the fascinating world of nature. Helping Grandpa in the garden is often a cherished memory of childhood.

In springtime nature awakens. Trees and flower buds emerge from their winter's rest. Earthworms wriggle upward through the moist soil. Spring in a country garden is a beautiful time of year.

Then around the corner comes summer, along with more blooming flowers, maturing fruits, and growing vegetables from the country garden. A passing thunderstorm drops cool rain onto thirsty plants.

Autumn has it's own display of garden splendor, as more flowers give their last show before fading in the crisp fall frost. It's the time to bring in a rewarding harvest of pumpkins and apples. Time for apple pie?

The winter garden, for those in northern climates is covered with cold and snow. But some lucky gardeners live in more mild climates and keep their flowers year round.

All of the seasons bring their own garden pictures for us to enjoy. Gardens in spring, summer, autumn, winter... Who can really choose their favorite?

The fresh food that comes straight from your vegetable garden can't be matched by any grocery store. What fun to grow your own salad of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and baby carrots!

An herb garden gives you your own fresh herbs and spices right outside your kitchen door. Fresh herbs can give your country cooking a delightful zing.

A garden takes patience, time and lots of care. But every well tended garden gives untold rewards to a gardener.

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Spring Gardening
Here's a garden picture of a young child's grubby fingers as she helps in the spring garden planting. Kids just love to get their little hands in the dirt. When children plant seeds in the country garden then watch them grow, they are learning wonderful lessons that only Mother Nature can teach.

Child's Hands in the Dirt
©Graeme Black/Shutterstock

In the Garden
These garden tools rest near a flower bed. They tell the story of an enjoyable morning in a spring garden... muddy rubber boots, wet gloves, and a garden trowel... waiting to get back to work.

Gardening Tools
©Gordon Swanson/Shutterstock

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A Gardener's Pleasure
This gardener is clearly enjoying the lovely pink geraniums in her backyard flower garden. Attractive flowers make such beautiful garden pictures. They bring their delightful fragrances and miles of happiness to reward for a dedicated gardener's success.

Gardener and Flowers
©Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

Sparkling Springtime
This gardening photo gives a delightfully cool and fresh feeling. Here in a sunny summer garden, a watering can pours sparkling water onto the  bright blooms in a flower bed.

Sparkling Water from a Watering Can
©Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

Gardener's Harvest
A proud gardener holds a wicker basket filled with fruits, vegetables and flowers fresh from her country garden. There's no better reward to reap for your hard work than picking delicious tomatoes, squash, corn, and cucumbers, and more, fresh from your garden.

Gardener's Harvest Basket
©Karin Lauu/Shutterstock

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Scented Walkway
Take a walk through this blossoming rose arbor into a fragrant
rose garden.

Scented Rose Arbor
©V. J. Matthew/Shutterstock

Bug Beauty
This little red ladybug has stopped for a rest on a young flower
bud. The small critters in nature are irresistible when captured
in country garden pictures.

Beautiful Garden Ladybug
©Tomasz Pietryszek/Shutterstock

Grandmother's Flower Garden
What a charming country garden setting!  Hydrangeas spilling over a daisy-lined picket fence. An old fashioned lamppost and white archway enrich the picture, while blooming flower boxes adorn the windows of the quaint country cottage. It's just as you would imagine "Grandmother's Old-Fashioned Garden" to be.

Grandmother's Old Fashioned Flower Garden
©Joy Brown/Shutterstock

Working in the Garden
A woman tends a flowerbed in early spring. This backyard hobby is a joyful one, spending time outdoors cultivating the soil, working along with nature.

Woman Working in the Garden
©Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

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