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These fantastic farm bull pictures capture the character of the biggest, meanest, and most valuable animal on the farm.

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He's Big, Mean, & Valuable

The bull on the farm or ranch is prized for it's role of producing young together with a herd of cows. But the bull is also notorious for it's belligerent nature.

Spectacular Limosin Bulls
A field of distinctive golden-red Limosin cattle, including several impressive purebred bulls.

Purebred Limosin Bulls
©Paula Gent/Shutterstock

Bulls are large animals, and are said to be the most dangerous of farm animals. A bull can weigh between 1,800 and 2000 pounds. It can easily injure a person. An attack from a bull could even be fatal.

A bull is essential for breeding on a farm. The bloodline is very important in the breeding process. A purebred bull is a very valuable animal.

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Belligerent Bull
A farm bull snorts his warning to anyone who intrudes in his pasture.

Bull on the Farm
©Ivonne Wierink/Shutterstock

Big Daddy

And of course, the bull is the father of the cute little baby calves that frolic in the pasture.

A farm only needs a few bulls for breeding. The rest of the male cattle become steers and are raised to be slaughtered for meat.

Big Brown Bull
An adult bull stands alone in a green grassy field.

Big Bull
©Marilyn Barbone/Shutterstock

Cow Breeds & Uses

Angus cattle are one of the best beef animals in agriculture. They are well known for producing juicy, flavorful cuts beef. Ever had an Angus steak? 

Proud Farm Bull
This male cow stands in a green pasture, silhouetted by a brilliant
blue sky.

Black Cattle
©Tony Campbell/Shutterstock

The Holstein is primarily raised for dairy, as it is a high milk producer. The Jersey is also a dairy cow. South Devon and Hereford are other common cattle breeds.


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Resting Bull
This bull lazily sits on the grass in his pasture. He's placid now, but if aggravated he may display a fiery temper. The ring in his nose helps keep him under control.

Bull with a Nose Ring

So Why are Farm Bull Photos
so Fascinating?

Bulls are impressive animals, and pictures of bulls are impressive, too.

You wouldn't want to get too close to a bull, so a bull picture can help you get a better look at this ornery animal.

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Bull Fighting
Two red bulls lock head to head in a Spanish festival.

Spanish Bull Fight
©Dariush M./Shutterstock


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