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Do you love fantastic cowboy boots pictures?  Whether they're worn for work, comfort or fashion, or by cowboys or cowgirls, western-style boots are favorite footwear.

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Wild West in Style

Cowboy boots are literally a symbol of western America. Once only worn by ranch wranglers, they are worn and loved by people world wide. Cowboy boots photos magnify the enjoyment even more.

Boots and Spurs
A man sits on the rail of a western corral.

©Wendy Kaveney Photography/Shutterstock

A style of riding boots originated from the American Wild West. They're called cowboy boots because that's who originally wore them: the cowboys on cattle ranches in the 1800's. And they're still part of the clothing used by the cowboys of today.

Cowboy boots are a common sight in the western United States. Especially the ones with wide open spaces for ranching such as Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, and others. There are ranchers in boots nearly everywhere you look. It may not be their totally necessary work boots though, because (take one guess) boots are the fashion of choice for ranchers.


Western Boot Fashions

Like it or not, such boots aren't limited to western horseback riding any more. Cowboy boots have become more than just functionality, they are a fashion statement. Got the boots? You're in!

Rodeo Boots
A cowboy boot and spur in sunlight and shadow with high contrast copper tone.

©Lincoln Rogers/Shutterstock

Cowboy boots don't need to be limited to ranch hands or agricultural workers any more. They can be a great addition to your everyday style whether you live in the country or in the city. Adults or kids, men and women, there are styles enough for everyone.

From the classical everyday blue jeans, button down shirt and belt... to a business suit... Hey! Don't forget the cowboy hat to complete the macho look. :)


Footwear for He or She

There are boots for men, and then there are boots for women. The cowgirls aren't far behind! Women's cowboy boots are specially made to please the cow girls western fashion tastes. They'll still look great in cowboy boots pictures with either a long skirt or boot cut jeans.



THE Boot Brands

Some popular makes of boots are Ariat, Redwing, Tony Lama, Double H, Justin, and Lucchese, just to name a few of the more well known brands. Each have a company website where you can see their own pictures of cow boy boots.

Choosing your own cowboy boots gets more difficult, the more you study the different kinds and styles. Which one do you really want anyway? Look at cowboy boot pictures to decide what your tastes prefer.


Incredible Leather

Custom made, handcrafted cowboy boots can fill any bill. Genuine boots may become expensive, though!

Cowboy boots are traditionally made of cowhide leather, but they are also made of other exotic animal skins. These might be authentic ostrich, alligator, elephant, sting ray, elk, buffalo, kangaroo, cobra, or anteater! Different skins have different unique textures and purposes.

Western Ostrich Boots and Hat
A southwestern attire ready to be worn. This cowboy boot photo shows a pair of men's cowboy boots made with exotic leather and a white cowboy hat.

© Jeff R. Clow/Shutterstock

Protection Out on the Range

Boots are essential to ranch life, they protect the legs and feet from the rough elements of nature that ranchers encounter in everyday living and working outdoors.

Cowboy boots make it easier to ride and safer, too. Cowboy boots have a slick sole so they can easily fit into stirrups of a western saddle. A narrower toe makes it easy to insert.

The high heel keeps the riders foot firmly in place, preventing it from slipping forward through the stirrup and getting caught. That's a dangerous situation for a bronc-riding wrangler!

Going to a rodeo? You'll see plenty of cow hands there... There's lots of roping and riding, and the work boots are there, too. Take plenty of cowboy boots pictures while you're there!

Cowboy on the Ranch
Boots, spurs, and chaps with fringed leather keep this cowhand in western style.

©Wendy Kaveney Photography/Shutterstock

Vintage Boots

Vintage cowboy boots are becoming more sought after these days, when the internet makes rare styles more readily available. A collector may pay thousands of dollars for the right pair. Even old, seemly worn out boots can be worth a lot!

Check at western apparel shops to find great vintage boots. Or Ebay is a worldwide marketplace and has quite a variety to choose from. Browse the cowboy boot photos to get an idea of what's available.

Boots, Boots, Boots

Cowboy boots... once just for cattle herding in the the American West, now nearly everyone has got a pair of their own. Different styles, brands, and leathers make nearly every one unique. Cowboy boots pictures can capture them all.


Cowboy Boot in Stirrup
This cowboy has his boots in the stirrup and is ready to "ride the range."

©Wendy Kaveney Photography/Shutterstock

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