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Slow down for a moment and take a stroll through the countryside along with me. Let's experience some fantastic country scenery pictures. Throughout the seasons of the year, folks privileged to live in the country have a front row seat to a breathtaking show of Nature's best handiwork...


Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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Red country barns, spinning windmills, farm tractors, and long fences enhance the charm of farm and country scenery.  Towering mountains, babbling brooks, waterfalls or mirror-like lakes all are treasures of nature waiting to be enjoyed.

When you are in the country you're surrounded by beauty, fresh air, soothing, and awe-inspiring sights. Nature takes you back to your happiest childhood memories of country life.

A variety of wildlife make their home in the country. They are often your backyard neighbors such as raccoons, blue jays, and other curious critters. Or maybe they are shy and rarely seen. Barn owls inhabit abandoned buildings. Wild turkeys meander through the woods. Creatures love the country life, too!


Scenes of Seasons

Each of the four seasons each have their own aura of beauty. You revel in the stillness of the countryside, and nature's beauty that is undisturbed by humans.

Spring in the country brings luscious new grass and lovely trees bursting with blossoms. Daffodils, crocuses, lilacs and beautiful flowers delight the eyes and fill the air with their sweet scent.  Baby farm animals play in green pastures as the days get warmer.

Then Summer comes with it's lazy, hot days that spread over the grassy rolling hills. Occasional thunderstorms bring a dazzling lightning display; they cool the heat and bring welcome rain. Summer vacations, backcountry camping, and hiking the trails allow you to enjoy more gorgeous country scenery pictures. And don't forget to share your pictures with us here!

Suddenly, as the nights grow cold again, Autumn is here with her beautiful array of colors. Who can resist the loveliness of autumn countryside photos? There's an enchanting beauty in fantastic fall scenery pictures. All too soon it seems, the colorful leaves are gone. The country looks barren and lonely.

Then clouds sweep into the sky and deliver a beautiful white blanket of Winter snow. It sparkles and captivates the imagination.

Country scenery seems to be a continuous work of art. Envision a country sunrise over the farm fields, or a brilliant sunset on the lake. Night or day, there is always something scenic to be enjoyed. The earth is such a beautiful place.

Keep on reading to experience this awe-inspiring photo gallery of country scenery pictures.

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Idyllic Meadow
A sunny summer farm field and a lone tree on the hill make a delightfully peaceful rural scene.  Brilliant blue heavens, lush green earth... here's a luring country landscape in California.

Green Country Meadow

Snowy Winter Peaks
Here's a winter scene to enjoy. Dramatic towering alpine mountains covered with icy snow, with elegant spruces accenting the foreground.

Winter Alpine Mountains

Cherry Blossom Path
A winding path takes carries you away into a fresh April morning
in the spring countryside. Ahh... can you smell the sweet perfume from the trees loaded with dainty pink buds?

Springtime Blossoms
©Donald R. Swartz/Shutterstock

Rainbow in the Mist
The refreshing rains of summer bring along with them the magic of a brilliant rainbow that adds a splash of color to the rural farmland.

Beautiful Rainbow Scene

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Farm Field Scene
Yellow dandelions dot a rural field as fluffy white clouds float overhead.

Dandelions in a Farm Field
©Lars Christensen/Shutterstock

Autumn Reflections
What a picturesque autumn landscape! Resplendent foliage of the trees and bushes is mirrored in the waters of a peaceful river. Colors of orange, red, and gold combine with the blue sky and river, painting a tranquil country scenery picture of nature that everyone can appreciate.

Autumn Scene
©Nataliya Peregudova/Shutterstock

Rural Farm Landscape
This classic white farm house sits at the top of the hill, overlooking an enchanting scenic country landscape. Green pastures lined with rail fences enhance the magic of this farm scenery photo.

Farmhouse on a Hill
©Elena Elisseeva/Shutterstock

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Icy Winter Scenery
A bright, clear, and cold January day in the countryside is enhanced by the beautiful hoarfrost and rime on a small grove of trees.

Beautiful Winter Trees
©Jozsef Szasz-Fabian/Shutterstock

Around the Bend in the Road
An unpaved country road leads your imagination through a green meadow and up over a hill. What can you find around the corner of the dirt road on this sunny summer day?

Country Road
©Luis Francisco Cordero/Shutterstock

Beautiful Scenery Video
This slideshow from YouTube shows a wonderful display of Nature.





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Fantastic Country Scenery from our Readers

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Dolly and her Sister 
The neighbors think I'm nuts but the Deer know better. Dolly and her Sister do their job.

Snowy winter road 2010 
February 2010 we got hit with almost 2 feet of snow. This is a picture of the road that runs between our property. My husband took the picture with …

Country scenery photos 
Photo taken just north of Dubois, ID

The Promise Not rated yet
I was driving to Bible study one Wednesday evening and I spotted this amazing rainbow!

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