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The joy of country life comes alive in fantastic country living photos. Even though we may not all be able live in the country, pictures of life in the country can help make up the difference....

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country living photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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Some may relish the bustle of city life, but give me the peaceful countryside any day! Living in the city certainly has it's advantages. However, a quiet country life is something to envy.

What are some of the advantages of country life? Well, think about breathing the fresh, pollution-free country air. And about getting closer to nature and wild life. 

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There's beautiful scenery in the countryside, year round. Kids can grow up with an appreciation for rural life. You can enjoy a cozy country home, with plenty of room for children and pets and enough property to comfortably keep farm animals.

Living in the country opens up new avenues of life. You can have your own country vegetable garden, getting fresh tomatoes, squash, and corn... Mmmm!

Thoughts of rural life evokes pictures of waking to a rooster's crow, watching the sun rise over the hill, eating a hearty country breakfast, and running barefoot through the cornfields.

And more... Riding the tractor in the spring, leaving fresh turned dirt behind... Smelling the freshly cut summer hay... fishing in the brook...creating a scarecrow... Collecting smooth brown eggs from the henhouse... Sitting on the front porch at dusk... The crackling of the fireplace on a blustering winter night...Have some fun at the rodeo show with cowgirls and cowboys, if only everyone could experience a piece of this country living.

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Springtime Happiness
This photo brings to life the joys of childhood in the country. A young boy climbs a grassy green hill with a bouquet of daffodils in his chubby hand. What a way to enjoy nature; running through a sunny springtime pasture with a warm breeze blowing through your hair!

Child with daffodils
©Suzanne Tucker/Shutterstock

Lovely Country Home
A comfortable family residence situated in the middle of a serene country landscape. White fences lead you up the drive past a flowing water fountain, green lawns, and flowering bushes. This country living photo is splendid example of an attractive country abode, a home in the country.

Lovely Country Home
©David Ross/Shutterstock

Country Garden Fence
A neat white picket fence offsets the gorgeous purple flowers on a showy Rhododendron bush. You can almost smell the spring in this picture!

Flowers along a country garden fence
©David Davis/Shutterstock


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Lazy Summer Fishing
Country life at it's best... A lazy summer day at the pond. In this photo, a little boy with a fishing rod patiently watches his bobber, waiting for a bite.

A young boy fishing
©Steve Simzer/Shutterstock

Enjoying the Countryside
Tongue hanging out, this Bernese Mountain dog joyously runs along a wooden pasture fence. Pets love the freedom of country life, too!

Dog running in a pasture

Tennessee Fall Scene
This picture captures the sun's rays shining through the fog on a fall morning in rural Tennessee. Here's a peaceful rural scene in autumn that seems almost a dream...

Beautiful Autumn Scene
©Nancy Tripp/Shutterstock

House of the Rising Sun
A gorgeous sunrise over a country farmhouse, with a field of yellow flowers in the foreground. The colorful clouds in the sky, stretching to the horizon, give a hint of paradise. You can almost feel a cool breeze blowing in with a scent of the lovely outdoors.

Sunrise over a Farmhouse
©Vladimir Sazonov/Shutterstock

Old Country Church
A peaceful country church covered with a blanket of winter snow.

Old country chuch in winter
©Bruce Wheadon/Shutterstock

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When my sister and I were children, we didn't have a real horse so we had to improvise. One of my daddy's saw horses was our horse, and we used jump ropes …

Country bird houses Not rated yet
I build these in my spare time,more pix on facebook\kenneth howton,click photos

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