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Country decor pictures display the simple, rustic feel of a country home. Whether it's framed photos on the wall, or homey furnishings, or even scented candles, there are many ways to do country-style decorating.

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country decor photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country.

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Country Home Decor

If you are a country guy or gal at heart or you just want to bring "a little extra country" into your home, there's a simple way to do so. It's easy, even if you can't live in the country yourself. And if you can, all the better -- bring a little of the outside indoors, as well.

Cozy Country Home
This country decor picture shows an homey sitting area. Inviting leather couches sit next to a romantic fireplace in the warmth of a country lodge.

Warm Country Fireplace
©Joy Brown/Shutterstock

Country decor pictures can bring that "country feel" right into into your living room very easily, but there are also other ways to make your country home feel more "country."  

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Apartment Country Decor
A small kitchen can still be furnished with homey country decor. A sunny window, natural wood cabinets, and stylish tile all contribute to the design.

Country Kitchen
©Natalia V Guseva/Shutterstock


What's "Country" to You?  

What are some things that come to mind when you think of "country decor"? Perhaps it's the nostalgia of your grandmother's kitchen, its old fashioned, wood burning stove off to the side, with a cheery red checkered tablecloth adorning the polished oak table topped with a hot apple pie.

Country Kitchen
This country decor picture shows a modern country-style kitchen, with a wooden table and chairs all ready for a tasty breakfast.

Breakfast time

Or, perhaps it's a bright, sun speckled living room, with gleaming wood floors and a rag rug right in the middle, with crisp lace doilies on side tables and draped across the backs of stout easy chairs.

Home Interior
A comfy living room in a country home invites you to sit and have a cup
of tea and chat a while.

Country Living Room Decor

Country decor is characterized by worn and quaint looking objects. The colors used are usually soft colors like spring green, slate blue, dusty rose, sunflower yellow, and cranberry red. Often floral patterns and stripes compliment the decorations. Depending on the decorator's choice, lace can be used, usually eyelet or hand-knitted laces.

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Private Country Bedroom  
Country decor at its best allows plenty of room for creativity. Bright light from a large window illuminates elegant, old fashioned design for the wallpaper and wall hangings, complimented by the floral drapes and bed covering.

Country Decor
©Michael William/Shutterstock

Old flower pots, watering cans, and old or old looking appliances can also give a room that country flair. Country decor can extend to any room in the house, as well as outside. The aim of country decor is to evoke a feeling of yesteryear, of comforting things and nostalgic days

Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter, there's a variety of country-style decor readily available for every season.


Country Rocking Chairs

Sit down in the white rocking chairs (other rocking chair pictures) and smell the pretty purple petunias on an idyllic country porch in springtime.

Rocking Chairs

Decorating for spring would include Easter, baby bunnies and fluffy chicks, and green grass. Spring flower themes are always lovely, such as daffodils, lilacs, and apple blossoms.

For summer decor, American flags are popular that time of year, along with garden vegetables and sunflowers.

Country Veranda
A beautiful porch with chairs and tables to complete the relaxing outdoor scene.

Back Porch
©Joy Brown/Shutterstock

Then there is autumn decor, with glowing leaves and brilliant colors. The harvest has an array of special things to add to your decor, including pumpkins and scarecrows, and golden wheat.

Winter decor is fun, too! Pull out the spruce trees, sparkling snowflakes, and cheerful snowmen. Put a wreath on your door. These and other wintry stuff can be found at craft stores.

Modern Kitchen Design
A country decor picture of modern kitchen interior design with
country-style taste.

Modern Kitchen

Maybe, country decor to you means crowing roosters, pink pigs, sunflowers, green landscapes dotted with farm cows, and sunny fields of wheat with red barns dotting the landscape.

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Floral Sunflower Accents
Decorative sunflowers rest in a tall beige vase nearby
a country home fireplace.

Floral Sunflower Vase
©Joy Brown/Shutterstock

I guess it becomes a personal opinion of what constitutes typical "country decor". For me country decor consists of a warm, homey atmosphere with gingham curtains at the kitchen windows, dark oak or pine furniture throughout the house. There would be a large fireplace with dark and heavy wood built-in shelves on either side. In front of the fireplace would be a braided rug.


Country Dining Room
Light from above and outdoors sheds a warm glow on the dining room table that takes it's place in the center of this picture-perfect country home.

Dining Room
©Kristin Smith/Shutterstock

Country decor would also include over-stuffed chairs, comfortable matching sofas, and hand made pillows. There would be knick knacks on shelves and a hutch in the dining room displaying antique dishes and mementos of the past. There would be hummingbird feeders on the patio and birdhouses in surrounding trees.

The theme would be carried out both inside and outside of the home. The entire home, inside and out, would be inviting and large enough to accommodate family and friends for special occasions.

Sit down and think of what country decor means to you. Make a list. This is where you start.  


Detail in a Country House
A furniture arrangement inside a modern country-style home, with  the warm glow of a classic lamp over the desk, stylish mirror, and white roses .

Country Decor Detail
©Mag. Alban Egger/Shutterstock

Get Your Start with Country Decor Images  

Country decor pictures or home photos are a great place to start when you want to bring a little country into your house but you don't want to change a lot of your decor right away. Look for scenery pictures that mean country life to you, such as those ideas described above, and hang them throughout your house for a little country ambience.  


Southern Estate Home
The tasteful decor of this mansion home gives an aura of luxury and prestige in this country decor picture.

Mansion Dining
©Tad Denson/Shutterstock

As you continue, if you want to actually change your home so that it has some country decor, you can work on changing one room of your house to a more rustic feel, in that you may rip out carpeting to expose natural wood floors, wallpaper your living room in a bright, sunny, daisy-dotted design, and look for furniture that has a slightly overstuffed, comfy, country feel.  


Elegant Sunlit Traditional Living Room
Bright sunlight makes patterns on the floor of this old fashioned
country living room.

Sunlit Living Area

You can also get a "country cottage" feel with the scents you choose. For example, a bubbling potpourri of cinnamon spice will give you that feeling (or use a few candles with that scent), as will the smell of vanilla. Place a few scented vanilla or cinnamon spice candles in your country bathroom or bedroom, for example. Toss a homey hand-sewn quilt on your bed for country decor pictures.  


Country Nursery
Even baby's bedroom can have a contemporary country decor design. Toys, furniture, and picture frames all contribute to the cozy old fashioned look.

Baby bedroom
©Chris Rodenberg Photography/Shutterstock

You can get a lot of ideas for country decor by looking at country home photos and magazines, and then adapting the country decor pictures to your tastes. If you just want to start small, though, start by choosing a few country decor pictures to adorn your walls, add a few homey scents to the atmosphere, and add some homemade rag rugs to your living room floor.

Add and change, slowly, as you go. Then you'll get that perfect country home for you.


Old Fashioned Bedroom
Antique furniture and old fashioned wall hangings make this country
bedroom very elegant indeed.

Antique Bedroom
©Gheorghe Roman/Shutterstock


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Fantastic Free Country Decor Photos

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Best on Flickr:

Antique wall clock near window

Charnwood, Country 6 stove

French Country Hobbit Makeover Renovation: dining room

Lady's hat

Paragon Properties / Country Ridge
Flickr/Paragon Apartments

Paragon Properties / Country Ridge / Model in Saginaw, MI
Flickr/Paragon Apartments

Sheep for the manse



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