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Country bathroom pictures show that country décor is still the style of choice in many homes. Although the bathroom used to be nothing more than a simple outhouse, today we have the ability to bring in the beauty of simple country life while still enjoying all the modern day amenities.

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country country bathroom photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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The Bathroom in Country Style

Now days, we live in such a fast pace world, that we need to have some time to slow down, relax, and reflect, and the bathroom is the perfect place to do so.

Master Bathroom Photo
Here's a gorgeous country decor bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub surrounded by luxurious interior design.

Luxury Bathroom
©Maureen Plainfield/Shutterstock

When you enjoy country living and the country style that comes along with it, there are many ways that you can turn your country home's bathroom into one that makes use of the rustic and old fashioned country design. And what a wonderful way to decorate the bathroom! Share your decor with us by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

To get an idea of what you really want, you may want to look at some photos of country bathrooms to get some ideas for the designs, the theme, furniture, and more. To make this style stand out, use a nice mix of tile and stone in the bathroom to give it a natural look.

Elegant Bath
This modern tiled bathroom displays a large tub and a glass shower stall.

Country Bath
©R. Gino Santa Maria/Shutterstock


Colors of the Country

You can really play around with the color theme, as well. Country blues, greens, and reds are very popular colors for country decor, and natural earthy colors, like neutrals are perfectly suited, along with muted pastel shades.  

If you want the French country style, you'll need to select the right colors and country bathroom pictures help to get just the look that you want.  Other popular styles include English country and also Italian.

Luxurious Modern Decor.
This country bathroom picture shows clean and inviting interior decor.

Interior Decor
©Chris Rodenberg Photography/Shutterstock

Furnishing the Bathroom

Often the little things really make a lot of difference in your country bathroom. Add in a shower curtain in gingham to provide a country feel. Antique mirrors and old claw foot tubs add personality and country charm, and handmade accessories can add a bit of yourself to the bathroom.  

Give some consideration to the sink in your bathroom as well. Again, looking at some photos of country bathrooms is a great way to gain inspiration.  Did you know? You can add your photos to this site! Just use the photo sharing form below.

Look carefully at the sinks you see in pictures. Consider purchasing and refinishing antique sinks to give the bathroom an old country look. Another option is to go with vessel sinks, made of glass, stone, or marble, which enhances the country décor you have in the bathroom.  

Classical Country
Here's a nicely decorated bathroom in a country home bath. It's simple, yet elegant.

Country Bathroom
©Stephen VanHorn/Shutterstock

A Relaxing Country Escape

In the end, your country style bathroom is all about the feeling you get. When you walk into the bathroom, the ambiance should take you back to the country, even if you live in the middle of the city.

Bathroom Decor
Summer sunshine brightens an interior bathroom of a modern country home in California. The lovely flower arrangements compliment the pleasant earth tones in the surrounding marble and wall coverings.

Bathroom in a Country Home

Every piece of furniture, each of the country bathroom pictures you have up, and every fixture and accessory turns the bathroom into a country escape that provides you with the relaxation and tranquility that comes along with country living.


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