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Chicken pictures capture an essential part of farm life. In fact, chickens are the most common domestic animal worldwide!

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country chicken photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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Chickens on the Farm

Can you imagine an old-fashioned farm without a flock of hens wandering around the barnyard? Or kids gathering eggs in a basket? Or waking up to a rooster's cock-a-doodle-do?  Chicken photos represent this funny, friendly, and useful farm animal.

Two Hens
Two farm chickens walk across a barnyard.

Barnyard Hens

The domestic chicken is an important farm animal. It provides a valuable food source. With pictures of chickens, you can see the many types of this bird in a variety of settings. Share yours by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

A chicken is a major contributor to farm life. The females of these feathered fowl lay fresh eggs for the farm family to use, and perhaps even enough to sell. If it weren't for chickens, we couldn't have omelets for breakfast! Many of the male chickens are fryers. They'll become meat.

Cooked chicken is a very popular food staple. We are all familiar with roasted chicken, as well as drumsticks, breasts, and thighs. A chicken may eventually be turned into tasty chicken soup!


Roosters Rule the Roost

The rooster or cock is the leader of the flock. He crows to protect his territory. The rooster is more brightly colored than the hens. He has long tail-feathers and spurs on his legs. Rooster pictures show the king of the roost in all his grandeur!

Proud Rooster
A proud fighting rooster crows over his turf in a tropical environment.

Crowing Rooster
©Hugo Maes/Shutterstock

A rooster keeps watch over the flock of hens, and protects them from predators. He'll let the other chickens know when he has found a juicy bug or earthworm with a high clucking sound.


Poultry Hens do the Real Work

Hens lay eggs daily, sometimes they may lay every other day. She often makes a racket by clucking after laying an egg. One of the chores of the day is to gather the eggs from the chicken coop.

Red Hens
A flock of chickens on a farm are ready for their feed.

Flock of Hens

Occasional a hen may become broody. She becomes aggressive over her eggs. If left alone, the hen sets on a nest of eggs. She'll guard her clutch carefully for several weeks, finally emerging after the fluffy yellow baby chicks have hatched.

Caring for Posterity
This old mother hen watches over her young brood in this chicken picture. She'll keep them safe if danger threatens.

Hen and Chicks
©Poznukhov Yuriy/Shutterstock

Adorable Baby Chicken Pictures

Chicks are one of the cutest baby animals ever. They are incredibly funny as they run peeping to and fro, following their mother. You can add your own pictures using the form below.

Fluffy Chick
This cute baby takes a look around it's new world outside the egg.

Baby Chicken
©David Dohnal/Shutterstock

When mass producing chicks, the easiest method doesn't rely on a hen to set on the eggs. Fertilized eggs are kept warm in an incubator. When the chicks hatch they are kept warm and dry together under a heat lamp.

Watching a baby chick hatching from its egg is a miracle before your eyes. A chicken is being born. It's life is beginning. As it is grows, it will become part of the farm life cycle. Raising baby chickens is a fulfilling job indeed.

New Baby
This baby chick is freshly hatched from it's eggshell home.

Newly Hatched
© Teruhiko Mori/Shutterstock

Raising Chickens for Profit

Chickens are easy to raise, whether on the farm or in your backyard. All they need is shelter, feed, and water. Chicken coop pictures represent a wide variety of different types of sheds and shelters.

If they are free range chickens, they won't need much food in the summertime, as they'll find their own as they scratch about. They're especially good at keeping down pests such as bugs and spiders.

Flock of Chickens
Here's a family of free range chickens in a grassy farm field , posing for a chicken picture.

Free Range Chickens

Chickens also have a pecking order. They can be very mean to other chickens lower in line. This is a fact of life for chickens, but a disturbing tendency that's off-putting to many chicken owners.


Chicken breeds assortment

There literally hundreds of varieties and types of chickens. Chicken breeds pictures show you what each one actually looks like. Scroll to the bottom of this page to add your chicken breed picture to this site.

White Farm Hen
A white hen searches for food on an open country field.

Hen in the Country
©Andreas G. Karelias/Shutterstock

Each breed is quite different in size and color. Different breeds of chickens even have different colors of eggs, from white to shades of brown, to green or speckled.

The White Leghorn chicken is the one that is most commonly used in commercial production. The Cornish-Rock is popular for meat purposes. The Barred Plymouth Rock and the Rode Island Red are both popular dual-purpose breeds. There are many other breeds, too many to list here. But there is one worth mentioning that isn't used for eggs or meat.

If you guessed bantam, you are correct! Bantam chickens are very popular, not because they are particularly useful food-wise, but because they are cute and fun to have around. Bantams are tiny chickens, about half the size of a regular chicken. They are kept mainly for ornamental reasons.

Rooster Profile
Here's a close up chicken picture of a cocky farm rooster.

Cocky Rooster

Your own backyard chickens

You don't have to live on a farm to have your own chickens. If you live in a rural area (with charitable neighbors!) you can have your own small chicken coop with chickens of your own. And there's nothing like eating your own homegrown eggs! We want to see pictures of your chickens, so upload them using the photo sharing form on this page.

All in One Basket
Fresh chicken eggs in a woven basket with blue and white dish towel.

Basket of Eggs
©Marie C. Fields/Shutterstock

Why are Farm Chicken Photos so Fascinating?

Farm chickens are important to life in the country and for self-sufficient living. Chicken pictures show us these interesting creatures whether they are just pets, or valuable egg producers.

From chicks to hens and roosters… Whether they are layers or meat producers, or just family pets… Chickens have an established place in the barnyard.

Hen and Chicks
A chicken family searches for food on a bright spring day.

Chicken Family

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