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Do you love to see calf pictures? A calf is so lovable with it's big soft eyes, wobbly legs, long tail, and pink tongue!

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country calf photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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Baby Calves, a Farm Favorite

Baby animals are always cute and baby cows are no exception. Calves in the country happen to be another one of the beloved four-legged baby farm animals. Calf pictures capture these little ones forever in time, for they soon grow up. Scroll to the bottom of this page to share yours!

Spring Calf
A young calf in a green spring field.
©Eric Gevaert/Shutterstock

New life on the farm is magical and amazing. We start with a bull and cows, then along comes little calves. Inevitably the calves grow up and the cycle begins again!

One of the most satisfying aspects of living on a farm is raising baby animals. And calves are often hand raised by people, rather than their mothers. Show off your pictures of pet calves by adding them to the form below.

Pet Calves

Farm kids often get the responsibility of raising the calves. The babies need extra care and attention if they aren't allowed to be with their mother.

Calf in a Herd

This baby cow stares curiously at visitors.
©Eric Gevaert/Shutterstock

Someone will bottle feed and care for them until they are old enough to be weaned. Baby calves often become the gentle farm pet that follows every one around like a big puppy!

Baby calves are beautiful creatures. They are curious and incredibly adorable!





Cow Herd Babies

When we think of calves, we imagine a herd of cattle with the young ones frolicking in a green meadow. The moms lazily graze, or lie chewing their cud as their babies play together in a calf picture.

Mother and Baby

A new baby calf is sticking close to his mother.


They are all one big family. But, as is often the case, the blissful scenes in calf pictures may not be realistic.








Reality for Cows

However, in real life things may be different. Small farms are getting more rare, and often cows are raised in large numbers of mass production.

Newborn Red Angus

A newborn Red Angus calf rests in a grassy field, but soon he'll be romping around his mother and the rest of the herd.


So, now days, what ultimately happens to a calf as it grows up depends on its breed, its gender, and what kind of farm it is raised on. Female cows are usually safe from the slaughter... well, at least as long as they can produce young.

Most male calves become steers and are raised for meat and hides. The best of the male calves may be raised to become future bulls for the herd.   



Calves Time for Dinner

It's eating time for a calf in the pasture, not every calf gets this treat.

©Verity Johnson/Shutterstock



On Dairy Farms

If a baby cow is born on a dairy farm, it will likely be a Holstein or Jersey breed. In a dairy setting, baby cows are removed from the mother so that the milk can be sold. Babies are raised separately and fed milk from a bottle.

Baby Dairy Cow

A black and white Holstein baby rests in the straw.

©Sascha Burkard/Shutterstock

If a calf is a female or heifer, she'll grow up to become a milk producer in the dairy. The cow will become a mother to many more calves. The male calves are usually raised and sold for beef.

Sometimes calves become veal before they are fully grown.



Calves on a Cattle Ranch

Calves raised on a ranch may be of a variety of breeds. One of the most common is the Black Angus.

Black Calf

A youngster gets a close look at the camera while unintentionally posing for calf pictures.

©Alvaro Pantoja/Shutterstock

When baby cows are raised for beef, they usually stay with their mothers in the herd until grown up. Male calves are sold for beef, and the females continue raising more calves to increase the size of the herd.



Why are Baby Cow Pictures so Cute?

A baby calf is just the cutest baby animal, and you can't help but love calf photos. How can you resist?

Young Cow in Pasture

This baby cow takes a rest after a morning of play.


And yet, baby cows grow up, too, just like everything else, and soon they become one of the largest animals on the farm! They'll be used for milk, meat and other purposes.

Somehow, pictures of calves will always be appealing to country folks, and the country at heart!





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