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Fantastic barn pictures timelessly capture these symbols of rural America. Barns have a special function in the farm setting. The barn is a place where farm animals are kept warm and safe. It's a dry place for crops to be stored for those long winter months.

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country barn photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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Down on the Farm

The barn is a farm building traditionally used for the storage and processing of grain and hay. It houses the farm equipment and in more recent times, the tractors.

Barns are home to the farm animals. Horses in their stalls, cows eating hay, kittens in the straw, or mice scurrying around finding grain; they all are sheltered by the farm barn. The baby farm animals find the barn to be a place of safety from the weather and dangers of unfriendly animals.

An old barn has a historical place in the rural American landscape. Every barn has a unique story.  Sadly, many old barns are falling into disrepair and crumbling with age. You can help preserve their memory by sharing your own photos below.

There are many types of barns. When we think of a barn we usually think of the traditional square-shaped red barn, but barns can be round or multi-sided (octagonal/polygonal). The round barn is a unusual barn design that is found in many parts of the United States. They can also be painted a variety of colors such as: red, white, green, black, or not painted at all. Usually barns are built of wood, but some old barns are actually constructed of stone or brick.

A red barn is a symbol of happy childhood memories for many people. Playing in the hayloft, milking the cows, the joy of growing up on the farm remains bright through the years. Pictures of barns bring back so many fond recollections. Scroll to the bottom of this page to add your barn memories.

Red Barn
It's a beautifully clear and sunny day on the farm. A rural red barn with a silo and other outbuildings are viewed across a growing corn crop in this barn picture.

Red Barn in a Corn Field
©Jon Kroninger/Shutterstock

Walnut Farm
The early morning sun rises over this this country farm field in Ontario, Canada, illuminating a historic wooden barn.

Barn at Sunrise

Rural Barns
Cows graze peacefully in a springtime field on this rural farm
in Morgan Hill, California.

Farm in the Country
©Harris Shiffman/Shutterstock


Barn at Sunset
A beautiful sunset brings an end to a winter's day on the farm. As dusk settles, a barn and grain silo stand silhouetted against the brilliant
colors of the sky.

Barn Silhouetted at Sunset
©Andrew Lundquist/Shutterstock

Old Barn Roof
Weathered wooden roof shingles have a rustic appeal. 

Wooden Barn Roof Shingles
©Chris Curtis/Shutterstock

Old European Farm
A country road leads past an abandoned barn in Poland, Europe.

Barn along a Country Road

This red barn is located in central Pennsylvania. It sits contentedly in the middle of a lovely farm scene.

Barn in the Countryside
©Natalya Lakhtakia/Shutterstock

Scenic Farmland
A idyllic country landscape with a field of growing wheat and a perfect farm on the horizon. It's a country photo well worth enjoying.

Scenic Farm
©Tyler Olson/Shutterstock

Tulip Farm
This colorful picture of a barn vividly paints a surprising, but beautiful farm scene. Colorful flowers are the crop found in this farmyard in Washington state.

Red Barn and a Field of Tulips
©Scott David Patterson/Shutterstock

Americana Architecture  
This beautiful barn photo displays an old country barn in Kentucky, sitting in a grassy field at sundown.

Old Barn at Dusk
©Laurin Rinder/Shutterstock


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Fantastic Barns from our Readers

Click on the links below to see fantastic pictures from contributing photographers:

Dad's Barn Southwest Wisconsin 
I grew up playing in this barn when I wasn't filling it with hay or feeding kittens. My dad always had a special relationship with his " girls" so we were …

Red barn picture before and after restoration 
Built in 1932 in Beagle Kansas. Restored in 2010

Mountain barn pictures  
Stone County AR, near Fifty_six, my dad built it in the late 60s, sits in a holler between 2 ridges.

Eastern Barn Pictures 
This is an old barn along Rt 28 and Rt 92 in Pocahontas Co, WV just outside Arbovale,WV. It was in use when I was growing up in Arbovale, in the 1940-50's, …

Red barns photos 
Taken near Aberdeen, ID

Fantastic barn pictures 
This is just one of many old abandoned barns I have photographed in Robertson County, Tennessee.

I love red barns! Not rated yet
I travel the back roads and go into country hollows here in Middle Tennessee and find many treasures! Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do.

Family Homesteads in Wisconsin Not rated yet
This Barn represents my mother's family Homestead. After traveling from New York to Milwaukee, my great great Grandparents with a horse and wagon …

Country Road Barn Not rated yet
I took this photo in 2006 when I moved to Jackson County Tennessee. This on a rural road in Gainesboro. I love to drive the old country roads here to …

Brown's Barn Not rated yet
I grew up seeing this barn regularly! I believe the owners at the time had a few horses in it.

Stone Barn Not rated yet
This is a stone barn in Wales. We had gone on holiday to Snowdonia and saw this barn on our way home.

Behind our house in suburbia Not rated yet
This old barn and other farm buildings stood on the average behind our house in the city of Bettendorf. Now, they are all torn down and the property was …

110 Year Old Barn The Old Farm Not rated yet
This is the first barn my farm ever knew. Built in 1890. This farm was bought in 1953. The cement block part was built in 1946. I restored the barn in …

Winter barn pictures Not rated yet
This is the coolest Farm I have run across in my ventures.This is also the last time I visit this site do to the very aggressive Bees! These little guys …

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Fantastic Free Barn Photos

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However, here are some great pictures from Flickr that are available for use under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Use them for your projects, screensavers, or desktop wallpaper as long as you give credit to the photographer.

Best on Flickr:

Wisconsin Farm



Back Road Farm

an old wisconsin farm


Country Road
Flickr/Per Ola Wiberg

Tweddle farm - Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore



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