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Baby chicken pictures show us one of the most beloved animals on the farm. These tiny creatures capture the hearts of children and adults alike.

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic country baby chick photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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Chickens, Eggs, Chickens

Practically every farm has baby chickens. From chickens come eggs, then baby chicks hatch from the eggs. The chicks grow up… the circle starts over again.

Hatching Chick
New life appears through a crack in an egg, soon another baby chicken will emerge into daylight.

Hatching Chicken Egg
©Saied Shahin Kiya/Shutterstock

Spring Chicken
A fluffy yellow chick poses in a flowery green field in springtime.

Baby Chicken in Spring
©David Dohnal/Shutterstock


Little Balls of Fluff

Chicken babies are funny little balls of yellow fluff with a tiny orange beak, beady black eyes, and a noisy peep, peeping!

Bird in Hand
This baby sits cozily in a caring hand.

Hand Holding a Chick

When spring comes, so do baby chicks. The mother hen proudly emerges from her hidden nest with a crowd of cute little babies following behind.

Pair of Chicks
These two pullets are just starting to sprout their adult feathers. It won't be long until they are all grown up!

Two Young Chickens
©Maria Jeffs/Fantastic Farm and Country

Chicks raised outdoors on the farm run to and fro searching for bugs, but when they hear their mother clucking they quickly run back under the shelter of her wings.

Lost in the Crowd
The cute birds in this baby chicken picture look like a cozy family, don't they?

Chicken Family
©Ariusz Nawrocki/Shutterstock

Chicks hatched in an incubator don't have a mother hen to take care of them, so they keep under a heat lamp with lots of other chicks for company.


Babies on the Farm

Baby chicks grow quickly, and soon they will become hens and roosters and take their own place in farm life.

Pet Chicks
Two chickens in the hands of their young owner.

Two Chicks in Hands
©Maria Jeffs/Fantastic Farm and Country

Maybe they'll be used as layers in the hen house, or become the rooster of the flock, or eventually turned into delicious chicken soup…

Baby chickens are an essential part of the circle of life on the farm.

Yellow Fluff
A curious baby chick takes a look around.

Chick Portrait
©David Dohnal/Shutterstock


Why are Baby Chicken Photos so Fascinating?

Baby farm animal pictures are just irresistible. Babies of any kind are always cute, and chicks are no exception.

Pictures of baby chickens preserve memories of them when they are at the cutest stage. They won't stay little for long!

Farm Friends
A yellow ducking and black chick stick together in the barnyard.

Chick and Duckling
©Nagy Melinda/Shutterstock



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Best on Flickr:

Chicky Baby

Spring has Sprung

Who Are You

Mama Hen and babies
Flickr/leoncillo sabino

Young Chick

bird's eye view
Flickr/Green Garden Girl

Chicken family
Flickr/leoncillo sabino

A full belly, a happy heart
Flickr/Ani Carrington


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