Fantastic Antique Tractor Pictures and Photos

Old farm tractors are a much loved piece of country life.  Antique tractor pictures represent memories of farming days in times past...

Hi! My name is Maria. This page is a photo gallery collection of fantastic antique tractor photos for your enjoyment. Fantastic pictures capture a magical moments in time, and that's what you'll discover here at Fantastic Farm and Country!

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The Old Tractor Heritage

Preserving these vintage machines keeps history alive for our children and future generations. Antique farming equipment played an important role in building the agricultural industry and our nation that we enjoy today. Keep that heritage alive by sharing your own photos below.

Tractors have been an essential part of farming for more than a century, doing the important work for generations of farmers. Plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, and planting, are all important jobs performed by farm tractors.

Row of Old Red Tractors
Four shiny antique tractors lined up for display. 

Row of Old Red Tractors
©Denis Pepin/Istockphoto

Antique Red Tractor
An old red tractor nearby a corn field. This antique tractor photo was taken in Michigan, U.S.A.

Antiqe Red Tractor
©Carolina K. Smith/Istockphoto

Rustic Old Tractor
This antique tractor is getting well deserved rest in an old country barn.

Rustic Old Tractor
©Bruce Johnstone/Istockphoto

Antique Tractor
Here's a deserted and rusty old tractor surrounded by
sagebrush and dry ranchland.

Antique Tractor
©Bruce Johnstone/Istockphoto

Old Red Farm Tractor
The yellow flowers grow up around this vintage red farm tractor,
creating a nostalgic rural farm scene.

Old Red Farm Tractor
©Wayne Stadler/Istockphoto

Retro Farm Tractor
This is a close-up view of a restored farm tractor from the
early 20th century.

Retro Farm Tractor
©Dan Brandenburg/Istockphoto


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Fantastic Antique Tractors from our Readers

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Old Tractor in Field 
This old tractor is a fixer upper, just a little TLC and it will be good as new. I found it in a field in Missouri.

A Pair of 1935 Farmall F-20's. Not rated yet
This is my restored 1935 Farmall F-20 soon after completion setting along side my "Yard Art", of the same make and model, in front of my house in Mount …

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Fantastic Free Antique Tractor Photos

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Best on Flickr:

Retired Tractor Parking

Case Steam Engine
Flickr/Johnny Jupiter Photo

1946 John Deere B
Flickr/Johnny Jupiter Photo

Old Case Tractor at Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro

Case Tractor

row of red

Neat Old Farmall Tractor

Old Farm Tractor


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