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Country living is a treasured piece of America, and country pictures bring happy memories for so many people. 

This site is YOUR online photo "scrapbook" of the joys of rural country life. Keep clicking to see the many galleries of fantastic photos. And don't forget to share your favorite pictures with us here!

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You'll love to read the stories of other visitors about their farm and country experiences.

Now, believe it or not, country life really gets into your blood. Though I no longer live in the country, I'm still drawn toward the country life.

Upload your own photos and stories and join the fun!

Although we aren't all able to live in the country, so many of us long for a piece of rural living in the "good old days." 

It's something to dream about: waking to a rooster's crow, watching the sun rise over the hill, eating a hearty country breakfast, and running barefoot through the cornfields. Thoughts such as these bring us a whiff of fresh country air.


Riding the tractor in the spring, leaving fresh turned dirt behind... Smelling the freshly cut summer hay... fishing in the brook... Collecting smooth brown eggs from the henhouse... Sitting on the front porch at dusk... The crackling of the fireplace on a blustering winter night... Oh, if we could all experience a piece of this way of life.

Enjoy the
Rustic Hospitality

Pictures of country life can help keep this wonder alive, even if we don't live in the country. For this purpose I've made a special effort to search out and compile this collection of beautiful country photos to share with you. There's something here for everyone of us to enjoy.

From cows, tractors, farm fields, and horses... to country homes, flowers and pumpkins; the farm and country pictures here are nothing less than fantastic!

Do YOU have a fantastic farm or country photo to share with us? Send it today using the forms found on every photo page.

Thanks a bunch!

I hope you'll enjoy this website as much as I do. :)


Maria J.

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